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The Methods of Coaching

June 25, 2016

            Watching old movies, I always assumed that coaching consisted of yelling at athletes to do things.  The athletes would do those things, and then... Read More

The next level of Jiu-Jitsu as a Sport

May 30, 2016

            There are many arguments about Jiu-Jitsu styles and rule sets: sport, self-defence, points, submission only, etc.  Along with those comes the inevitable leagues, or... Read More

An Underwhelming Response to an Overwhelming Night

May 23, 2016

            Saturday May 14th was UFC 198, featuring a pretty stacked card – even after Anderson Silva was forced to withdraw due to emergency gallbladder... Read More

Mental-Physical Transitions

April 20, 2016

Photo courtesy of Matthew Serjeant Photography             I'm sure you've all heard and read plenty of articles and opinions on the curse of the blue... Read More